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Eureka real estate is the best bargain in California! And Eureka real estate includes grand old Victorian homes or stately Edwardian's or brand new construction in that is certified totally green. Eureka has about 24 000 residents but if you include the neighborhoods outside the city limits (such as Bayview, Cutten, Myrtletown, Pine Hills, Humboldt Hill or King Salmon) the population jumps to about 44 000.

Eureka is defined by natural redwood forests as they are all around the city, in small green belts and in many yards. There is also abundant water and outdoor recreation; Eureka residents enjoy the Pacific Ocean, Humboldt Bay and six rivers in the area. You can buy real estate in Eureka for about fifty percent less than a comparable property would cost in other areas of California!

Eureka real estate has lower taxes too. The average annual real estate tax in California is $1564 but only $697 in Eureka. So if you want a house with an ocean or bay view you can have it at half the price when you buy Eureka real estate - and have lower taxes too.

If you want to live where the commute to work is about ten minutes on average you can have it when you buy Eureka real estate. If you want a water view and close proximity to a four year university and two year community college, you can have that from Eureka real estate too!

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